Most Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to make your camping experience with us a great one. If after reviewing this information you have any questions or concerns please email or call us.


  • Pets – Our park policy is non aggressive breeds only.

  • Security - Our Park is gated, in order to gain access you must have a valid code. Our community room and laundry also require a code to gain access after hours. Our entrances, exits and various locations around the building are equipped with security cameras. These cameras are monitored onsite and offsite to ensure your safety. 

  • RV Type – We generally only allow RVs which are manufactured as RVs, no conversation units allowed without prior inspection and approval. This is because RVs must meet inspection and code requirements, conversion units often do not.

  • RV Age – On monthly site rentals, RV units must be no older than 10 years without being seen first.

  • Tenting - We do not have restroom facilities and therefore can not host tenters. There are two parks which allow tenting, located within one mile from us. Both are also located on the Pellicer Creek, 1) Princess Place Preserve (386) 313-4020, and 2) Faver-Dykes State Park (904) 794-0997.

  • Multi Family Site Rental – Only one family unit may stay on a single site. A Family is limited to 2 adults, and no more than 4 children directly related to the adults.

  • Fire Wood – Fire wood is available for purchase at the campground. Each site is equipped with a fire ring.

  • Mail - Mail may be sent to the campground during your stay. Please use the address below, you will not need a site number on the mail but we do require your name as you registered be on the mail package. Any mail received after you depart will be returned to its sender.