Campground Rules

The following rules are intended to provide an enjoyable family camping experience and to make this park a better place for you and your neighbors to live. Parents are expected to inform their children of these rules and are responsible for their supervision. Violation of these rules could mean early departure without a refund. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

REGISTRATION: All campers and pets must be registered at the office upon arrival and prior to entering the campground, per Florida State Law. Registered campers are responsible for informing office staff about all visitors.

CAMPING EQUIPMENT: We allow only one RV per site. No tent camp is allowed in the park. No RVs that fall into a state of despair will be allowed to remain in the park. Any RV older than 10 years will require management approval.

SPEED LIMIT IS 5 MPH: If it seems slow, you are doing it right!

No motorized or battery powered vehicles (including boats and motorcycles) are permitted in the park unless they have been pre- approved by campground staff. All vehicles, trailers, boats, and RV’s must have a valid registration tag displayed at all times (State Law). No bicycle riding after dark.

PARKING: Registered guest must park on their assigned sites. Parking on roads is prohibited. Please do not cut through your neighbor’s site. We allow no more than 2 vehicles per site. Additional vehicles must be left in the visitor’s parking area. No vehicle maintenance, oil changes or repairs are allowed. Mobile RV repairs will be allowed using a licensed and insured company only. Management must be made aware of any repairs that will be taking place.

WASHING RVs and VEHICLES: You may wash your RV and vehicle once a month.

QUIET HOURS: 10:00PM-8:00AM. Daily visitors should leave by 10:00PM. The quality of rest and relaxation is important to all campers, so please refrain from loud noises and disturbances during this period. All radios and TVs must be set to a minimum volume setting. No sound should be heard 15 feet or more away from its source and be aware that normal speaking voices carry. Rowdiness, loud music, abusive language, violent behavior, drunkenness, and possession or use of drugs will not be tolerated at any time. Vandalism of any form will not be permitted.

SMOKING: Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. Please dispose of them properly. No smoking is allowed in the clubhouse at any time.

RESTROOM: Help to keep our restroom clean by cleaning up after yourself. If the restroom needs attention, please alert campground staff.

PETS: Pellicer Creek is pet-friendly, but owners are responsible for their pets at all times. Pets cannot be left unattended at any time, and must be on a leash when not inside your RV. All pet litter must be cleaned up immediately, and those not in compliance will be asked to leave the park. Noisy pets will not be allowed to stay, and only one warning will be issued prior to a request to remove your pet from the park. Please provide proof of vaccination prior to check-in. You are fully liable for your pet should there be any claim. Management reserves the right to deny services due to pet type and/or aggressiveness. Maximum of 2 pets per site. Visitors are not allowed to bring pets into the park.

CAMPFIRES: All fires must be contained inside the metal fire rings located at each site. Campfires must be kept knee-high or below, and not left unattended. Homemade fire pits and/or washing machine drums are not allowed. Fire rings should not be used to dispose of cans, bottles, or other household trash. All fires must be extinguished by 10:00PM.

No tiki/bug torches are permitted. No cutting of trees/firewood is allowed in the campground or adjoining properties. Please do not drive nails

into or disfigure trees. Additionally, please do not tie anything to trees or shrubs. If you find that your site needs trimming, please alert the office.

FIREWORKS: No fireworks allowed of any kind.

SINK (GREY) WATER: The discharge of grey water into the environment has been found to be a significant risk to public health. Grey water can have a population of bacteria approaching or exceeding the populations of black water. Health Department regulations do not permit draining

of sink water on the ground or into open containers. Connect your wastewater outlets to your site’s sewer pipe and ensure that the connections are tight and do not leak. Please contact the office if you are unsure of how to perform this connection.

GARBAGE: Please bag your garbage and use the dumpster located near the park exit. Only household generated garbage should be placed in the dumpster. Dumpster pickup is Tuesday and Friday. Fire rings must not be used to dispose of cans, bottles, and household trash. Broken furniture, grills, rugs etc. are not considered household trash and should be taken with you at move-out. RV and lot areas must be kept clean and free of debris.

ALCOHOL: This is a family friendly park, and the use of alcohol is limited to your own site and should not be brought into any of the common areas. Florida State Law prohibits an open alcoholic beverage container in a public location.

TREES: By camping under or around any tree, you are waiving any liability of Pellicer Creek Campground from damage caused by any tree or part thereof to your camping unit or other property not owned by the park.

STORAGE SHEDS: Storage sheds are allowed but must be pre- approved by campground management. Fifth wheel storage under the front overhang is permitted as long as a commercially made enclosure is used to block stored items from sight. No self-made enclosure will be permitted. No temporary buildings, structures, outside appliances, window air conditioners, etc. without management approval.

OUTDOOR PATIO FURNITURE: Outdoor patio furniture and potted plants may be allowed on your patio as long as your site looks neat and uncluttered. No landscaping (plants/bushes/fences/gardens/lawn jockeys) may extend beyond your patio pending approval of the office. No indoor furniture may be left on the patio. No mats or rugs on the lawn. No outside clothes lines are to be used.

LP TANKS: Any accessory LP tank must be secured to the RV unit by a professional/licensed Gas company.

SUB-LEASING: Absolutely no subletting.

SOLICITING: No soliciting or any commercial activity of any kind.

PROPERTY DAMAGE: Renters and all other users of this property are liable for all property damage.

RENT: Rent is due on the 1st of each month. A five-day grace period will be given. A late fee will apply to any payments made after the 5th.

All Local, State and Federal laws are applicable to all persons on the premises. Management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries, or losses from any cause. The camper agrees to carry and maintain in full force and effect adequate property and liability insurance on any vehicle or recreational unit brought into the park. We are not responsible for your losses due to theft, fire, storms, accidents, or rushing or rising water. We reserve the right to make changes to the rules, regulations, and fees that we deem necessary. Any violation of these rules will result in immediate removal from the campgroud without a refund.